OUTSIDE IN: THE CHIMES and LOVE IN THE DARK – October 16th, 2015, 7:30 PM at Dixon Place Lounge in New York City

This first edition–Outside In–features Barnett and Govedare’s The Chimes and Israelsohn, Roller, and Weil’s Love in the Dark. Directed by Jesse Freedman and produced by Lane Dombois. October 16th, 2015, 7:30 PM, Dixon Place Lounge in New York City.


In The Chimes (music by Liz Barnett, book and lyrics by Eloise Govedare), a married couple is aurally tormented a neighbor’s incessant and omnipresent wind chimes. They confront, redefining hard truths.

In Love in the Dark (book by Orian Israelsohn, lyrics by Emily Roller, and music by Aleksandra Weil), a young couple is carnally tormented by the constriction of their orthodox Jewish community. They reckon, reinventing truth’s malleability.

Cast and crew:

starring Jenny Ashman, Meghan Bailey, Courtney King, and Alex Markowitz

stage management by Hannah Spratt

costume/scenic design by Karen Boyer

musical direction by Will Buck and Daniel Sefik

violin playing by Cheeyoung Kim



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